Nicolas Sauvage

Lead Developer @ TalanLabs

Gitlab Dependency Proxy vs Docker pull limit

Depuis le mois de d’août 2020, Docker a instauré une limite de 100 pull que l’on peut faire gratuitement toutes les 6h. Comme chaque job Gitlab-CI nécessite le pull d’une image Docker, on peut vite se retrouver à dépasser cette limite, ce qui fera échouer vos jobs avec une erreur comme celle-ci : ERROR: Preparation failed: failed to pull image "node:12.19" with specified policies [always]: toomanyrequests: You have reached your pull rate limit....

October 21, 2021 · Nicolas Sauvage

Gitlab pages and OVH

This blog is deployed using Gitlab pages, which is really easy to setup. In order to redirect to the blog from my domain hosted on OVH there was some configuration involved. Gitlab configuration Create a .gitlab-ci.yml file at the root of your project, and add the following code to automatically deploy your Hugo website at every merge to the master branch. # All available Hugo versions are listed here: image: registry....

January 25, 2021 · Nicolas Sauvage

Access ECR from EC2

In IAM, create a role with the policy AmazonEC2ContainerRegistryReadOnly Add it to the EC2 instance ...

January 21, 2021 · Nicolas Sauvage

Hello world

Hello new Blog Welcome to my new blog! Made with Hugo and deployed with Gitlab pages...

January 19, 2021 · Nicolas Sauvage